What is it like to study Chinese in Taiwan?

Learning Chinese and learning about Taiwanese culture is basically my life since I arrived in Taiwan in the summer of 2018.

At liuxuesheng.tw I share some personal experiences and hope to share my passion with you, and would like to inspire you to do new things.


Welcome on my Blog liuxuesheng 🙂 

Liuxuesheng is the Chinese word for an exchange student, which is basically what I am up to here in Taipei, Taiwan. 
My name is Olli, I study at Taipei’s Mandarin Training Center at NTNU until August 2019 before I will return to  Leipzig in Germany.

If you are curious about anything related to life in Taiwan, the experiences of learning Chinese or sinology, feel free to leave a comment or write me an Email at liuxuesheng@liuxuesheng.tw. 

I hope you enjoy the content on Liuxuesheng!

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