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The aim of the blog Liuxuesheng is to give you my personal impression of studying sinology. Chinese science. The Chinese word 留學生 – (pronounced: liúxuéshŵng means studying abroad.


I am Olli, my Chinese name is 丁歐琳 Dīng Oulín, and I have been experiencing my semester abroad in Taipei, Taiwan, since August 2018. I'm in the 5th. Semester of undergraduate studies. Towards the end of the middle of the year, I am expected to travel with my girlfriend in Taiwan, China and Central Asia. In the winter semester of 2019, I am back at my home university in Leipzig.  



Many reports on the Internet about the study of sinology are impersonal and answer the general questions of which subjects you choose and what you will become with it.

But I found no satisfactory answers on the internet about how you are studying, where the Ups and Downs are, so I was unclear about what I'm going to get into in my studies.  

So I want to blog about my engineering degree and my life as a Chinese student in Taiwan.

You can see the blog as a "field study" – I always write from my subjective perspective – which certainly never quite matches other people's experiences and may even be completely different! 


In addition to educational information for those interested, I created the blog to communicate to my old and new friends and family! So I like to write:)  


I am very open to article suggestions and feedback. Like to write me a comment, or an email:


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